We Love Laundry Wash Bags

Have you ever had to detangle your thongs after taking them out of the wash?

Have you ever had to buy a glue gun to stick your studs and rhinestones back on to your clothes after taking them out of the wash?

Have you ever had to count yourself down from an anxiety attack after your favorite tee comes out the wash looking like it was in a fist fight?

Have you found the other halves of your missing socks?

If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, it might be a good time for you to get some laundry wash bags!

 It totally sucks when your clothes get ruined in the wash and the stress and anxiety is so not worth it! Wash bags give you a little bit more control of how your clothes are treated in the wash and reduce the chances of them getting ruined.

 What are Laundry Wash Bags?

They are mesh bags that you put your clothes into, zip close and toss into your washing machine or dryer to protect your clothes during the wash and drink cycles.

 The Benefits of Using Laundry Wash Bags


Have you ever noticed the tiny lint balls that cause your clothes to look old and worn out, especially on t-shirts and around the crotch areas of your pants? It happens when the fibres in the fabric of your clothes break because of the tension or excess friction of your clothes rubbing against each other or your body. 

Wash bags help to reduce the chance of this happening further in the washer and dryer.


During the wash cycle, chances are that lint and other debris are being tossed around in the wash before they are rinsed out and sometimes they cling to your clothes, especially softer fabrics like tees and sweaters.

Wash bags act as a shield to keep these off of your clean clothes.

Tangling and Stretching

When you wash items like thongs, strappy clothes or swimsuits wash bags keep the straps from getting caught and tangled on themselves and other clothes and helping them to maintain their shape.


When you use a wash bag you help to prevent those hooks like the ones on bras from easily getting undone in the wash and snagging (sometimes ripping holes in) your other clothes.

Fuzziness + Excess Rubbing

Clothes made from soft fabrics easily lose their smoothness the more you wash them and the more other clothes rub against them in the wash. When you use a wash bag it significantly helps to prevent them from looking worn out by shielding them from this rubbing.

Small Items Getting Lost

I don’t think there is a person on the planet that doesn’t have missing sock or missing sport bra pads.

Wash bags keep these small items in one place during the wash cycle.

How Wash Bags Work

Wash bags reduce the chances of your clothes getting messed up in the wash because they shield your clothes form direct contact with other clothes and the agitator in your washing machine. They are lightweight and porous enough and therefore don't get in the way of your clothes getting a good wash.

How To Use 

We use wash bags with all our clothes and especially with our favorite, fancier and more delicate pieces.

They work amazing for:

• delicate clothes from lingerie anything with lace

• designer pieces 

• t-shirts 

• swimsuits

• undies

• sweats

• sweaters

• baby clothes

• fancier embellished clothes (things with sequins and graphics) 

• clothes that tend to attract lint

• socks and other small items

More Things You Should Know

• Laundry wash bags are perfect for anyone with a capsule wardrobe because it helps you take extra care of the few and essential clothes you have.

• Depending on the quality of the fabrics being washed, whether your machine has an agitator or not, the wash cycle you use, how you dry your clothes and how often you wash your clothes are all factors that contribute to the deterioration of your clothes. However when you use a a wash bag, you can significantly reduce the effects of washing and tumble drying on the longevity of your clothes.

• Our wash bags are made from nylon mesh and feature a plastic zipper with an elastic zip shield to prevent it from opening during the wash cycle.

We love laundry wash bags and we know you will too!

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